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About Kikomo.p Imagery

We are a visual media company specializing in creating powerful imagery for the elevation and promotion of visionary brands, artists, and influencers. Our expertise is in portraiture and storytelling because we love capturing the greatness of the people who are working to push the culture forward.


Our Philosophy

Powerful Visuals Matter.

If a picture can say a thousand words, yours need to say what you mean. We feel that your inner genius should be reflected in your visual presentation to the world. Original vivid imagery in your marketing has the power to shape the opinions and behaviors of your audience. It adds the esteem of professionalism, the trust of authenticity, and the confidence of super dopeness. You're on the right path, let us elevate what you've worked hard for.


Principal Artist


Visionary | Storyteller | Muse

My introduction into the arts was through musical theater performance and playwriting as a child. An affinity for visual production developed as a result of realizing its power in storytelling and influence, leading me to pursue an education in Filmmaking. I take the combination of these experiences and influences into my approach for visual creation.

I feel my efforts for the culture is to inspire the greatness in all of us by elevating our most visionary creators who operate in the vein of preserving and elevating our contributions to the world.